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Affordable Policies Available

In the field of medical insurance, there are certain types of care not usually covered by private health insurance or publicly funded benefits. Long-term care insurance policies are designed to cover these forms of care. They can cover everything from home care services to assisted living stays, hospice care, and even home renovations designed to improve quality of life for patients. Those in need of long-term care usually are unable to perform two or more of the following six activities of daily living: dressing, bathing, eating, toileting, continence, transferring and walking. Bucks Montgomery Insurance Group offers a range of long-term care policy options to fit the needs of any of our clients. By representing multiple competing long-term care insurance providers, we make these companies work to earn your business. BMI Group takes long-term care very seriously, and our agents will work tirelessly to ensure you and your loved ones can afford the quality long-term care policies you deserve. Purchasing a long-term care policy can relieve anxieties you might have about relying on loved ones for financial support later in life.

Types of Policies

Tax Qualified (TQ) Policies

As the most commonly purchased type of long-term care policies in the US, tax qualified policies include benefits that can not be taxed. Obviously, these plans are more favorable for policy holders. If you will need substantial assistance over a period of 90 days or longer and you can have a doctor outline a plan of care for your specific ailment or disability, chances are that you are an eligible candidate for a tax qualified long-term care policy.

Non-Tax Qualified (NTQ) Policies

Non-tax qualified policies require less criteria to be met for the policy to pay. As long as a doctor states that you have a medical necessity, the insurance company will pay for the long-term care associated with your condition. The medical necessity element can be triggered by an inability to perform just one activity of daily living, such as walking. Because the tax law surrounding these policies is open to interpretation, there is a chance that non-tax qualified policy holders could have to pay a large tax on the long-term care coverage they receive.

We Build Relationships

"We believe in building lasting relationships, and our agents genuinely care about the well-being of our clients and their families. We feel that agencies who see their clients as business partners are more willing to go the extra mile when needed, and we are no exception."

Dan J.

"They’re always so quick to respond and answer all your questions at length!! Very helpful!"

Jodie L.

"This company is very professional and quick to respond to your questions. I have been a customer for over twenty years."

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"I am extremely satisfied with the service that I have received from Bill Pellak and the whole team at Bucks Montgomery Insurance Group. Bill works very hard to look out for his clients."

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"I've been a customer of BMI for over 20 years. They have always exceeded my expectations with superior customer service, product quality, and affordability."

Jim M.

"Awesome customer service very professional...."

Mike S.

"I have been a client of BMI for 10+ years and the services they have provided have been stellar. Bill and his staff are conversant, courteous and professional!"

Mike B.

"The entire team at BMI have been terrific to work with. Always helpful and looking out for their clients best interest. They recommended Encompass Car Insurance and they could not have been more correct. My daughter recently had a car accident. In little to no time, an adjuster was assigned, a report written, and a reimbursement check sent for damages. Everyone was courteous and seemed to go out of their way to guide us through the process. Thank you BMI for all your hard work."

Marybeth M.

"I am extremely satisfied with the service that I have received from Bill Pellak and the whole team at Bucks Montgomery Insurance Group. Bill works very hard to look out for his clients and see to it that you get the best rates and favorable treatment from the insurance companies that he represents. I can (and have) unconditionally recommend his agency."

Stephan G.

"I've been doing business with Bill at BMI for over 10 years now and I couldn't be happier with his service! He and his staff are extremely courteous and professional! Very responsive anytime I need to talk with them. I highly recommend BMI for your insurance needs!"

Shawn S.

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