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As your Independent Insurance Agents for your Personal Insurance needs, we are your source for Auto, Home, Boat, Flood, Life and Umbrella insurance.

We are very selective about the companies we represent. It is important to us that our carriers provide not only competitive pricing and a broad range of coverages, but also outstanding local customer and 24 hour claims service.

Met-Life Insurance General: 800-422-4272 Claims: 800-854-6011
Safeco Insurance General: 877-566-6001 Claims: 800-332-3226
Travelers Insurance General: 877-878-2468 Claims: 800-252-4633
Progressive Insurance General: 877-776-2436 Claims: 800-925-2886
Ohio Casualty Insurance General: 800-228-2830 Claims: 866-255-5530
Encompass Insurance General: 800-262-9262 Claims: 800-588-7400
Harleysville Insurance General: 800-523-6344 Claims: 800-892-8877
Foremost Insurance General: 800-527-3905 Claims: 800-527-3907
GMAC Insurance General: 877-468-3466 Claims: 800-325-1088

Some people believe that auto insurance is just a commodity. It isn't.

You're driving your car. You lose concentration and go through an intersection, not seeing that the light has turned red. It could happen to anybody. Unfortunately, as you go through the intersection, you encounter another car that is proceeding across your path because the light for this vehicle is green.

You broadside the other car. Later, you find out that the driver (or passenger) who has been seriously hurt, is a neurosurgeon who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Now, because of the accident, they will be unable to earn that living.

They've suffered an economic loss and will probably endure pain and suffering because of their injuries, the recovery period and the inability to work, so they sue you. How much can they get from you? Everything you have!

With auto insurance, you are not only protecting yourself in case of an accident, but also your financial well-being in the future and the choices you make could affect you for the rest of your life. In fact, almost every week you can read about tragic accidents in the news, accidents that cause millions of dollars in damage and liability. Protect yourself by purchasing adequate auto insurance.